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Miloteque: Not Jazz, not Ballet, not Contemporary, not Latin. What is it? Milo Miles explores the evolving world of dance today. In 2001 Milo Miles created a new “Jazz-Ballet Syllabus” combining Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Latin. The syllabus then used by Urdang Academy has led to him teaching master classes in Canada, the USA, Sweden, Sicily, Naples (Italy) and also for Dance 2xs both in London (UK) and Prague (Czech Republic).

A graduate of the National Ballet School of Canada, Milo has been performing professionally and teaching for 36 years. He believes there is always something new to learn; that when we stop learning, we stop evolving and creating. It is that philosophy that his work is based on. Well versed in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Latin, Ballroom, Flamenco, National & Character dances and even Figure Skating he brings these “flavours” to his classes.


Milo Miles provides group and private classes as follows:

BEGINNER Miloteque Dance Classes start at the Barre with simple strengthening exercises mixing Jazz and Ballet techniques lasting between 45-60mins. The remaining 30-45mins of the class develops Centre work including: basic turns, jumps and “linking steps” frequently used culminating with a short choreographic sequence if time and ability allow.

MIXED/GENERAL level Miloteque Dance Classes are open to most Elementary and Intermediate levels of dancer with a solid dance foundation, these classes begin with a slow ballet-based warm-up in the centre. An emphasis is placed on strength and stretch: Plie, Tendu, Rond de Jambe and Adage work lasting approximately 45mins. 15mins is then geared towards diagonal work across the studio with an emphasis on turns, basic Jazz technique and Miloteque syllabus. The remaining 30mins of class time is spent on choreography. Milo Miles choreographic styles range from Contemporary to Broadway rather than Commercial Jazz.

ADVANCED & PROFESSIONAL Miloteque Dance Classes are geared towards those with a solid dance background who want to brush up on their technique. Classes evolve with Milo Miles as dancers return to hone their abilities and to strengthen their weaknesses. Each two-hour class comprises one hour & 30mins spent working on solid technique with approximately 30mins spent learning choreography. While technique improves dancers find that their ability to pick up choreography quickly and accurately also improves each week. Musical influences may include: The Art of Noise, Bliss, Buddha Bar, Chicane, Craig Armstrong, Hed Kandi and Musical Theatre.

As students soon learn; “Never, never, never, never give up” (Winston Churchill)


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