Milo Miles @ Pineapple

Whether amateur or professional or those just tired of the gym. Come in bare feet, socks, ballet shoes, jazz trainers or cha-cha heels. There’s something for everyone. Besides it being a great way to exercise both the mind and body.



  • Intermediate/Professional
    Mondays 19.00-20.30 hrs

(Studio membership/entry fee applies to class)



Miloteque combines Ballet & Jazz techniques into a continually evolving Barre syllabus, the only one of its kind in the UK. His choreographic styles range from Lyrical Jazz-Ballet and Show Jazz to Neo-Classical Ballet-Jazz & Contemporary-Jazz.

Milo’s Monday evening class caters to everyone from young dancers & house-wives to teachers & professionals and is geared towards those with a solid dance background. This class begins with a short 10 minute warm-up then focusses on Barre technique for 40mins culminating with choreography for the remaining 40 minutes. Whether it’s brushing up on technique or advancing to the next level, dancers keep returning to hone their abilities and strengthen their weaknesses. As technique improves, dancers find their ability to pick up choreography quickly and accurately also improves each week.


Other Miloteque classes.


Pineapple, 7 Langley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JA

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